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Awning Repair on Khyam Quick Erect

The quickest system on the planet I believe. Khyam’s quick erect system is even faster than the inflatable awnings. Here’s a short video of how quickly these things go up. Unfortunately, my Motordome Tourer faced an awning repair when I broke it last week.

How It Broke

A warning to all owners and possible future owners! A fabulous camping trip was had. Unfortunately on the last day of the festival, we had a heavy downpour. I had to pack everything away wet. It must have cost an extra £30 to take all that extra water home!

The next dry day I pitched the awning in the garden. It’s no real hardship because it’s so fast to put up. There was a slight breeze but I thought nothing of it. I pitched it on the patio and tied the guy ropes to the patio chairs. I ventured inside to cook the children’s dinner and when I returned, the awning had snapped two pole joints. The breeze must have picked up and blown the patio chairs over. This resulted in my awning repair.

Does it Happen Often?

I would imagine so because I remember when I purchased the awning, it came with a spare joint. For the life of me, I have no idea where that spare joint went. Khyam must know it’s a weak point if they provide a replacement. It seems like the joints are made out of really tough nylon or plastic but whether the sun ages them or they just aren’t as tough as they look.

broken Khyam joint
snapped pole joint- awning repair required

Where To Find a New Joint for Awning Repair

I tried Khyam but they don’t seem to list them as far as I can see. They are probably more intent on selling you a new awning rather than you repairing it. I managed to find a seller on amazon who stocked the joints. Mine was a 16mm manual joint so I ordered two. Here’s the product if you need one yourself. I’ll link to all of the different ones so you can identify which one you need.

Easy Fit

It is a clip-off, clip-on repair. There is a small button to press on each end of the clip. I used a twig to press it in. Then pull out the pole. Take the new joint and push it in until the button clips in. Here are some photos if you need them.

pushing the little button in with a twig
pushing the small button in before pulling the broken joint off
pushing the small button on the other pole
same on the other pole
pushing the new joint in place
pushing the new joint in place
Joint assembled to poles and awning repaired
Awning repaired

Awning Repaired

Once both sides are pushed back into place, the awning is fully functional again. I need to be careful in the future and make sure I anchor it better when I’m drying it. The other alternative is to not pitch it on a windy day!

It did start me thinking about inflatable pole awnings and there are some beautiful ones available. Look at the size of the one below! I could pitch my awning inside that awning and still have room for the kids!. Ah well, maybe next year if I win the lottery!

Check out next, my OLPRO carpet!

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