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Ecloth, The Best Dishcloth for Camping

Am I genuinely writing an article about the best camping dishcloth I have found? It sounds crazy but when I purchased an Ecloth, I thought “This is the one!” Is it really important to tell other campers about this dishcloth? I hated washing up when camping. Since buying a cloth from E-cloth, I now consider the washing up task as “not so bad”. this is a massive improvement in my attitude to washing up while camping!

Why is washing up so depressing when camping?

Ecloth in camping bowl

Here’s the problem. Washing up when you are camping is never going to be a comfortable experience. it’s not like home where you have everything you need from a deep sink to a large draining board. You are more likely to be crouching next to a bowl trying to place washed items on a tea towel without getting grass on them.

the crouch

You might be lucky to have a suitable table to wash up at while camping but, likely, you will still be bending down because the table is so low. There are kitchen stations that are designed to be the correct height and work well. They take up a lot of space when transporting.

the bowl

You can use a regular washing-up the bowl The only difference between a regular washing-up bowl and a camping version is that the camping version is likely to be smaller or collapsible. I have the collapsible bowl. It’s not perfect, if you lean on the side when it’s full then it will collapse and you will be boiling the kettle for a second time to do the washing up.

It’s a recipe for disaster and a looming depression at the thought of washing up. If your campsite has a washing up area with proper sinks then, this is great but there’s still a problem.

The Stinky Dishcloth Or No Dishcloth

I usually forget the dishcloth. I turn up at the washing up area with my collapsible bowl, washing up liquid and dirty plates. Ending up scrubbing a pan and washing plates using my fingernails as scourers and the palms of my hands to rub the plates clean. Please tell me I’m not the only one!

In Walks The Saviour

It’s made a real difference. As much as I joke about the whole process of washing up while camping, this little cloth has made a big difference. It’s called E-Cloth Kitchen Whizz. I found it at the local supermarket and thought I’d give it a try for camping. The following week, I bought another one to keep at home!

The Price

I found the Elcoth for £3 at the supermarket. If you can’t find them at your supermarket then Amazon has them for a bit more. Here’s the link: E-Cloth Kitchen Whizz


The E-Cloth/Ecloth is made from microfibre. Don’t let that put you off if you’re not a microfibre fan. I’m rarely happy with microfibre cloths and towels etc. I feel they smear water rather than absorb it. At least that was the extent of my experience until I found the E-Cloth Kitchen Whizz. It’s a different breed to other microfibres. It has a long shaggy construction which is soft. It has blue streaks and lines through it that are a little more abrasive (not really abrasive). These blue lines give a gentle scouring effect which is just what you want from a camping dishcloth. 2 functions in one!

Easy To Wring

The E-Cloth Kitchen Whizz isn’t particularly big or wide. Compared to most microfibres, it’s thick. The thickness makes it easy to wring to a useful level.

Wiping a window is not out of the question, the window dries without smears or watermarks. I use a separate one to soak up the condensation on the camper windows in the morning. Soaking up spills is easy with a quick wring and wipe, your work surface can water free.

I have taken to washing the dishes when camping. Wringing it out and then drying the dishes to give them a head start. Works a treat.

Get One If You Are Frustrated With Camping Washing Up

Genuinely I feel this little sponge cloth has changed my outlook and sheer hatred of washing up when camping. A little £3 cloth has improved the situation enough for me to just see it as the next job rather than the avoidance tactics I was using before. If you are tired of flimsy microfibres, smelly sponge scourers then I suggest you try one of these little E-cloths/Ecloth and see if it makes your life that little bit easier.

Now all you need is some hot water for your washing up. Have a look at my DIY water heater article.

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